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At Zaviant, we spend time learning the intricacies of our client’s businesses in order to provide the most comprehensive solution possible. We understand that navigating compliance frameworks can be difficult even for the most mature businesses. We take the time to explain our approach, understand the relevant risks facing your business, and implement an appropriate solution.

We see ourselves as a forward looking group of passionate data security and privacy professionals with deep expertise.

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Modern information technology systems enable strategic capabilities for organizations, but also introduce new and different risks that must be cared for every day.  Addressing those risks in a thoughtful and thorough manner that allows the organization to continue to meet its objectives is imperative to how we design security programs.  People, process, and technology make up the core of any successful security program and maximizing what people can contribute is our focus.

Recent data breaches have exposed needs that organizations faced for many years.  As personal information continues to grow in value, the effort that goes into protecting data similarly needs to increase.  Similarly, attacks have increased in quantity and sophistication over the years, whether they be in a technical or social nature.  Governments around the world have responded by making controllers of data responsible for protecting it. In the case of GDPR, penalties for not protecting data can be €20 million or 4% of global revenues, whichever is higher.  The stakes have been raised, now more than ever, to where data protection needs are a mission critical aspect of all organizations.

With the nature of constantly evolving statutory, regulatory, and contractual requirements, it is critical to have a trusted partner to navigate your unique compliance landscape.  The peace of mind that is gained from having a well-run compliance program cannot be understated.  Designing an approach to meet your requirements in a sustainable manner is our ultimate goal.  Further, we highly value working with members of your organization to understand the importance of compliance and how to best implement controls.

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Federal and Commercial Expertise

Having worked with dozens of Federal and Commercial clients, Zaviant provides comprehensive expertise to help design and implement your requirements.

Our Clients Come First

We believe that our client’s success is our success and we work hard to make sure we add value in all possible ways.

We Believe Complex Problems Can Be Solved With Practical Solutions

By gaining a deep understanding of your requirements, we provide a practical solution which aligns with your needs.

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