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The world of cybersecurity and data privacy is complex.
It is always evolving, too, making it a challenge for any organization to keep up with.

Sometimes you need to bring in the reinforcements. 

With our virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) consulting services, you’ll have on-demand access to a cybersecurity expert

A cost-effective solution to hiring a brand-new staff member (which means salary and benefits) our vCISO services provide you with everything you’ll need to build, augment, and maintain an impactful cybersecurity and data privacy program. 

The best part — a Zaviant virtual chief information security officer works in tandem with your existing team for an immediate impact without putting more on its plate. 

What is vCISO?

It’s peace of mind. With a member of our team added to yours, you’ll have a specialist available that’s dedicated to making sure your most pressing cybersecurity concerns are being addressed, such as:

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Fill Gaps in Your Cybersecurity & Data Protection With Virtual CISO Consulting Services

Our cybersecurity and data privacy experts are ready to become the newest members of your team. Contact us today: