As Subject Matter Experts in the world of Cybersecurity Services and Data Privacy, we’re here to help you navigate complex data security frameworks and data privacy regulations. Across a host of industries, we provide services that keep your organization and its data safe and in compliance with the latest cybersecurity standards.

Our Services

There’s no silver bullet for countering the complex and ever-changing cyber threats to your organization.

We offer a host of services that will enhance your cybersecurity and privacy programs and keep your organization secure.

Data Security

Understand the current state of your existing cybersecurity policies and controls

Data Privacy

Comply with ever-changing data privacy


Meet the latest cybersecurity standards and data privacy regulations in your industry.

Vulnerability Assessments

Identify security gaps with cyber vulnerability

Vendor Risk Management

Vet third-party vendors and their cybersecurity practices with vendor risk management.

Virtual CISO

Your trusted partner who works in tandem with your existing team for an immediate impact on your program.


There’s not an industry that’s safe from cyberthreats. But all industries have unique challenges and goals when it comes to cybersecurity and data privacy.

We specialize in working with a variety of industries to create custom cybersecurity frameworks that are proactive in protecting networks and sensitive information. We also work to ensure your data privacy practices are in line with the latest compliance regulations to avoid costly fines and reputation damage.


Meet healthcare data security challenges and key medical data security standards, such as HIPAA, head-on.

Higher education

Protect students and staff with cybersecurity services for your higher-education


Stave off the cyberthreats to the manufacturing industry with DFARS & ITAR compliance, as well as IP protection.

Financial services

Financial data protection to keep assets and personal information secure.

Information technology

Cybersecurity for IT professionals and firms that mitigates risks and safeguards networks and data.

Energy sector

Power up your defences against cyberthreats in the energy sector.