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Data Privacy

With new technologies, regulations, and best practices always emerging, organizations must continue to adapt to an ever-changing data privacy landscape. Furthermore, consumer expectations and an increase in malicious online activity pose additional operational and reputational risks for companies spanning all industries.

Zaviant works closely with some of the nation’s largest organizations to develop robust data privacy programs. Whether you need to improve upon your existing data privacy infrastructure or build one from the ground up, our team of IAPP-certified experts is here to help.

Data Privacy Expertise

Privacy Program Development

Consent and Preference Management

Data Subjects Rights Management (DSAR)

Data Mapping and Inventory

Privacy Policy and Procedure Development

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Trusted by Leaders of Industry

Our team of expert consultants works closely with Fortune 500 companies, mid-market businesses, and not-for-profit organizations spanning industries including retail, manufacturing, finance, technology, and more.

What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy focuses on the safeguarding of personal information from unauthorized access, use, or disclosure. It encompasses the rights of individuals to control how their data is collected, processed, and shared by organizations while balancing the need for organizations to collect and use that data responsibly.

Zaviant’s thorough approach to data privacy ensures organizations have the proper frameworks, policies, and procedures in place to collect and manage user data while preventing costly breaches and regulatory enforcement activities. 

Why is Data Privacy Important?

Strong data privacy practices are essential in today’s highly-connected digital world, where vast amounts of sensitive information are generated and exchanged by the second. With proper measures in place, however, the likelihood of experiencing a data breach is greatly reduced.

Additionally, data privacy builds trust between organizations and consumers. With malicious activity more common than ever, consumers want to know that companies are handling their personal information responsibly.

Finally, staying compliant with all necessary regulations and building a strong body of evidence helps organizations align with best practices while avoiding costly regulatory enforcement activities and fines.

Risk Mitigation

Minimize the risk of data breaches by establishing clear guidelines for data handling.

Build consumer trust

Consumers value transparency, and knowing their personal information is in good hands bodes well for your business.

Avoid fines

Failing to comply with all necessary data privacy legislation can end up costing your company a significant amount in fines.

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How Zaviant Can Help

Zaviant serves as a trusted data privacy partner for some of the nation’s largest companies. We can help your organization:

Operationalize privacy needs

Design, develop, and implement robust privacy programs and optimize functionality with automated controls

Build a privacy roadmap

Enhance privacy program integration and risk awareness

Develop protocols for handling privacy incidents and breaches (incident response)

Perform regulatory assessments

Hold executive steering committees

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