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SOC 2, or System and Organization Controls 2, is a voluntary compliance standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) specifically for service organizations. In a time when transparent information security practices are more important than ever, Zaviant helps companies meet SOC 2 criteria, attain a SOC 2 report, and manage controls to maintain compliance.

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Our team of expert consultants works closely with Fortune 500 companies, mid-market businesses, and not-for-profit organizations spanning industries including retail, manufacturing, finance, technology, and more.

What is SOC 2?

Designed for service organizations and also popular among SaaS companies, SOC 2 is a voluntary compliance framework based on five trust service principles—security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. It’s helpful to know that the term “SOC 2” can refer to the official report that demonstrates a strong control environment, an audit performed by a qualified third-party to provide said report, and the framework of controls that allows an organization to attain the report. Overall, the purpose of SOC 2 is to provide proof that your organization stores and processes customer data securely.

Why is SOC 2 Important?

SOC 2 is becoming an increasingly common compliance standard for service organizations and SaaS companies across North America. This is because a SOC 2 report signals to prospects and partners that your organization has the proper security measures in place to protect their sensitive information. Although the report is not legally required, prospects and partners may request it before doing business with you. Additionally, the SOC 2 process enhances operational efficiency and risk management by improving internal controls, which benefits your organization’s overall security posture. 

Stay Competitive

Although not legally required, SOC 2 is a widely accepted compliance standard for service organizations and SaaS companies across North America.

Build Trust With Stakeholders

A SOC 2 report shows prospects and partners that your organization is prepared to be a responsible steward of their sensitive information.

Improve Your Security Posture

Attaining a SOC 2 report means meeting all the necessary control standards, strengthening your organization’s security posture in the process.

A Compendium for Obtaining & Retaining Cyber Insurance

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How Zaviant Can Help

Zaviant serves as a trusted SOC 2 compliance partner for some of the nation’s largest companies. We can help your organization:

Conduct a SOC 2 gap assessment

Implement security controls to achieve SOC 2 compliance

Attain a SOC 2 report

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