Cisco Releases Studies on “Consumer Privacy” and “Global Future of Secure Remote Work”

Cisco released two studies, “Consumer Privacy” and “Global Future of Secure Remote Work”. Collectively, the reports analyze employees’ suspicion about teleworking during this pandemic. More than ever, employees worry about unintentional usage of data, pirated third parties acquiring access to information, and if management is eradicating credentials after use. Since many companies lack appropriate privacy protection, workers are leaving and demanding change before returning. Considering remote work is still in the foreseeable future, demand for data privacy is unavoidable. Therefore, 96 percent of organizations across the world are planning their investment in cybersecurity policies. Examples include increasing data security through VPN capacity, web controls, cloud security, or device verification. Whichever protection plan your company may choose, it is important to take initiative and protect your data.  

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