Cybersecurity Strategies for Industries

Ransomware. Data breaches. Malware. Phishing scams. Denial of services. Hacking.
Cybercriminals have a wide repertoire of cyberattacks they employ, and there’s not an industry that’s immune to their threats.

With a global economy that is becoming more connected and digitized, any organization with a computer network or using the internet is fair game for hackers. 

We understand this.

Drawing from our decades of experience, our team works with you to understand your organization’s industry-specific challenges. We’ll help you create, implement, and maintain cybersecurity policy and compliance solutions that align with your priorities and safeguard your data.

In recent years, cyberattacks against businesses and organizations of all types and sizes have only increased.  The costs to recover from data breaches and lapses in network security are starting to go into the millions— and that price tag is going up as attacks become more widespread and sophisticated.

It’s not just cybercriminals who are interested in your cybersecurity and data protection programs. Now, governments are stepping in and creating standards to protect data. Meeting these new rules and regulations is challenging, as each industry has its own requirements for adequate data protection, regardless of location. Third-party vendors and your insurer also care about your cybersecurity defenses, too — many want to see what data protection frameworks you have in place before even working with you.

From healthcare to the financial sector -- and even information technology -- there is no one-size-fits-all solution for network security and data privacy. Cybersecurity and data protection takes a multifaceted approach that’s tailored to the challenges of your industry.



Head off healthcare data security challenges and meet key medical data security standards, such as HIPAA .

Higher Education

With a program for cybersecurity in higher education, school’s always in session. And the private data of your institution, students, faculty, and staff — as well as intellectual property — stays private.


Create network security and data privacy policies to stave off cyberthreats to the manufacturing industry — protecting your company and intellectual property.

Financial Services

Financial data protection means you and your clients can rest easy that their assets and personal information on your network are secure.

Information Technology

Keep your precious data and networks secure from crippling cyberthreats through policies and programs custom designed for cybersecurity for IT professionals and firms.

Energy Sector

Power up your defences against cyberthreats in the energy sector.

Venture Capital & Private Equity

Reduce the risk of being victimized by a cyberattack or data breach in your assets and invest with confidence.



Protecting your networks and data takes a multifaceted and agile approach. We offer a variety of cybersecurity and data protection services, all designed to protect your organization from ever-evolving cyberthreats.