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With potential access to troves of personal information and money, hacking a financial services provider’s network is a cybercriminal’s dream.
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For cybercriminals, there’s no need to ever set foot in a vault to steal valuable assets. 

By exploiting weaknesses in financial services software — think: personal wealth management apps — making off like a bandit with customer data and money happens from the comfort of a hacker’s home. 

As a provider of cybersecurity for financial institutions, we understand the absolute importance of network security and data protection. Our team of experts is committed to helping you develop a cybersecurity program designed to protect your company’s and clients’ valuable assets.

We also specialize in helping your organization meet the latest data protection and compliance standards for the financial services industry, such as: 

  • SEC guidelines
  • SOC Readiness 
  • ISO 27001
  • CIS 18
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • CMMC

Financial Information & Network Cybersecurity Services

Zaviant offers a full suite of services for cyber and network security for financial services providers.

Why Is Data Protection Important for Financial Services?

Successful cyberattacks in the financial services sector are some of the most devastating. Network breaches may result in. 

  • Money loss
  • Widespread distribution of personal information
  • Blocked access to essential systems


On average, it costs nearly $6 million for a financial services provider to recover from a data breach. Fines for non-compliance with data privacy standards and regulations are also crippling — in the most serious cases, financial services firms face millions of dollars in penalties and damages.

Enhance Your Financial
Data Protection & Privacy

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