We specialize in helping technology companies process regulated data and provide customers and partners comfort over the security controls in place to protect that data. Additionally, we help ensure software and technology is compliant with regulations in regard to how data is processed and managed.

Just like the latest technology, data privacy standards are always changing. Staying up-to-date and in compliance can be challenging, but our team is here to help by putting frameworks in place to keep your organization and its data secure. Our team helps you meet the latest standards and policies including:

  • ISO 27001
  • 800-53
  • 800-171
  • GDPR
  • CCPA
  • CMMC

Additionally, we offer custom data privacy compliance advisory for information technology companies working in:

  • SaaS, PaaS, & IaaS
  • Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning
  • IoT
  • e-Discovery 
  • Digital Transformation & Cloud Consulting

Information Technology Data Security & Privacy Services

Zaviant offers a full suite of services for cybersecurity for IT professionals and firms.

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Our team of subject matter experts is here to help you navigate evolving privacy regulations, complex data security frameworks, and a full range of cybersecurity threats.