Cyber Incident Response

Cyber Incident Response

We help organizations develop comprehensive cyber incident response plans to address data breaches and cyberattacks. In the event a breach does occur, we help you quickly and effectively respond in order to mitigate damage and minimize fallout. Our cyber incident response protocols include:

  • Routine monitoring for threats
  • Establishing a chain of command for handling incidents
  • Detailed data protection and threat containment protocols in the event of a breach
  • Table Top Testing and recovery activities
  • Playbook development
  • Incident command
  • Data forensics

If a security breach occurs, our incident response team is ready to act at a moment’s notice. First, we start with a thorough digital forensic analysis to understand exactly what happened. Then, we examine logs to trace the hacker’s path through your system. If logs were deleted by the hacker, we’ll find the gaps in your system that served as a point of entry. Finally, we gather insights from what happened to establish systems and protocols to prevent a subsequent incident from occurring in the future.

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