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How confident are you that your organization’s data is secure?

If you said 100%, you may want to rethink your answer. Even a small weakness in your network is a big opportunity for a hacker

Through our cyber vulnerability assessment process, we’ll identify gaps in your network and applications before those with less than good intentions do

Our cyber vulnerability assessment review includes:

A cyber vulnerability assessment gives you a deeper understanding of your current cybersecurity defenses and how they can be improved for maximum protection.

Vulnerability Assessments Vs. Penetration Testing

While they may seem the same, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing are distinctly different methods to determine the strength of an organization’s cyber defenses. 

Vulnerability assessments are a scan of an organization’s networks and systems to identify potential gaps in security. Typically occurring on a scheduled basis, most vulnerability assessments include prioritized recommendations to address potential cybersecurity gaps. 

A penetration test, on the other hand, is a deliberate attempt by a cybersecurity professional to gain access to a network by exploiting weaknesses. Through pen tests, you’re able to get a true gauge on the efficacy of existing security measures and see just how far a hacker can go in your network. 

Despite their different purposes in helping shore up its cybersecurity frameworks, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing go hand-in-hand to stop hackers from finding ways into a network.

Identify Gaps in Your Cyber Defenses

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