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How do you get inside a hacker’s head to figure out how they’ll get into your system?

Act like one with a penetration test. 

What is cybersecurity pen testing?

A real-world simulation of how a cybercriminal may access your network and the damage caused. Consider it ethical hacking. 

During a penetration test we employ several methods in attempts to access your network, such as:

With our team working to exploit weaknesses in your cybersecurity defenses with proven penetration testing tools, we’ll root out security gaps long before a hacker does. And we’ll work with you to develop fixes and enhanced security measures to keep your system and its data safe.

Penetration Testing Vs. Vulnerability Assessments

While they may seem the same, penetration tests and vulnerability assessments are distinctly different methods to determine the strength of an organization’s cyber defenses. 

A penetration test is a deliberate attempt by a cybersecurity professional to gain access to a network by exploiting weaknesses. Through pen tests, you’re able to get a true gauge on the efficacy of existing security measures and see just how far a hacker can go in your network. 

Vulnerability assessments, on the other hand, are a scan of an organization’s networks and systems to identify potential gaps in security. Typically occurring on a scheduled basis, most vulnerability assessments include prioritized recommendations to address potential cybersecurity gaps. 

Despite their different purposes in helping shore up its cybersecurity frameworks, penetration tests and vulnerability assessments go hand-in-hand to stop hackers from finding ways into a network. 

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