Third Party Risk Management

Third Party Risk Management

Third party vendors, contractors, and service providers present significant risks to your business if they do not have relevant protections in place. Over the past several years, we have seen a significant influx in the amount of breaches that originate from third parties.

As a result, regulators have stepped in and mandated that not only does your organization require relevant safeguards, but you also have a responsibility to require third party vendors to have those same safeguards in place. Furthermore, you must be able to illustrate how your organization obtained comfort over third parties you engage and share data with.

By having a third party risk management program in effect, a vendor’s cybersecurity shortfalls don’t have to become your problem. We’ll help you create documentation for third party vendors that establishes comprehensive standards they must have in place in order to work with your company, and we’ll help you obtain relevant attestation reports and certifications to support your diligence over third parties.

For existing vendors, we can provide a thorough information security risk assessment complete with a detailed examination of any threats their current data security setup may pose to your organization.

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