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In an increasingly global and digital economy, no business operates on its own anymore. Third-party vendors, such as your cloud storage provider or web-based software, may be a source of security gaps.

Some of the most common weaknesses stem directly from vendors having direct access to your systems and data and shared data or shortfalls in meeting compliance standards. 

By having a vendor risk management program in place, a vendor’s cybersecurity shortfalls don’t become your problem

We’ll help you create legal documentation for third-party vendors that set standards for working with your company, such as:

With a vendor risk management program in place, your organization is able to effectively manage all interactions with a vendor.

But what about the vendors you’re already  working with? A vendor information security risk assessment by our team provides a detailed examination of those you’re working with and any threat their current data security setup may pose.

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Protect Your Organization From Security Gaps That Aren’t Yours

Our team of experts is here to make sure third-party vendors don’t compromise your cybersecurity and data privacy. Schedule a consultation today by completing the form below: