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When’s the best time to define your approach to responding to a security breach? 

Before one even happens. 

With a Cyber Incident Response Plan developed for your organization, you’re proactive in understanding how to manage response to a cyberattack. You’ll waste no time stopping more damage and starting the recovery process should a breach occur. Consider it a cyber insurance policy of sorts — one your actual insurer will love.

Working with your team, we’ll develop a data breach response plan that includes:

What’s one of the best ways to ensure another security breach doesn’t happen again?

Learning from what happened.

When a security breach happens, our cybersecurity incident response team is at the ready. We’ll take a deep dive into what exactly happened with a thorough Digital Forensic Analysis. We research what happened, examining logs to trace a hacker’s path through your system. If logs were deleted by the hacker, we’ll find the gaps in your system that served as a point of entry. You’ll have actionable data on and lessons learned on what happened, helping you prevent a future incident.

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Cyber Incident Response Plan

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