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After years of increasing breach attempts and successful breaches, we understand the risks that cybercriminals can pose. A cybersecurity insurance policy provides an additional layer of protection to organizations for cybersecurity and data privacy breaches.

Breaches can result in loss of revenue due to unexpected downtime and cause irreparable brand damage, which can be devastating for companies and in some cases put you out of business. That’s where cyber insurance comes in.  

However, obtaining cybersecurity insurance is not as simple as calling your broker or visiting an insurance company’s website. Getting the cyber insurance coverage that is right for your organization involves lengthy questionnaires, thorough assessments, and may require you to implement processes to satisfy coverage requirements. Moreover, maintaining coverage and getting the most from your policy, means staying on top of your cybersecurity, privacy, and compliance programs.

Having a cybersecurity partner helps keep your organization up to date on the latest threats and your premiums low.

Our team offers a variety of cyber services to help you obtain cyber insurance coverage and keep its costs in-check:

cybersecurity insurance consulting

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